At the initiative of the UNEC Research Foundation, a roundtable discussion was held for media representatives

Upon the initiative of the UNEC Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Mine Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a roundtable discussion was organized for media representatives. The event, attended by leaders of local media entities, highlighted the indispensable intermediary role of media representatives in the activities of the Agency.

During the event, it was emphasized that in the context of combating mine threats, it is necessary to dispel misconceptions about this threat, raise public awareness, and facilitate effective communication among all segments of the population through responsible information dissemination with the support of the media.

Issues related to the safety of journalists working in extreme conditions, the reliability and accuracy of information provided to the public, and other related topics were discussed. The importance of journalists gaining experience in this field and preventing the spread of information in the media that undermines national security was also emphasized.

The main objectives of humanitarian demining operations in accordance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), the leading role of the media in informing the public about the mine threat, the information priorities of Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA), and the exchange of ideas to expand and enhance cooperation were among the topics of discussion.

The speech by Ellada Aliyeva, the head of the department at the UNEC Research Foundation, focused on systematic internal communication in crisis situations, defining criterias for crisis situations, and ensuring accurate and timely information exchange between government agencies and the media in such situations.

Throughout the roundtable discussion, the importance of accurate and objective delivery of information to the public, combating disinformation, building trust in the media within society, and increasing public awareness about the mine threat were emphasized.

The UNEC Research Foundation is committed to continuing such initiatives, organizing roundtable discussions, and conducting training programs on an ongoing basis.