UNEC Research Foundation invites everyone interested in the fields of International Relations, International Economy and analytical research of regional politics to participate in the ``Helios`` competition!

There are several benefits you get to experience by participating in the competition. First of all, it will give you the opportunity to gain new experience in revealing trending issues and problems that are widely discussed in modern political science and economics, and to acquire knowledge in the field of conducting and compilation of analytical materials. Moreover, your work might be shared on the official website of the UNEC Research Foundation (www.unectf.org).

The competition will be accompanied with seminars. Experts with many years of experience in relevant fields will be involved in the project of the foundation in order to hold seminars and consultations during the competition.


According to the rules only citizens of Azerbaijan can participate in the competition. The age limit for participants is 20 – 35.

The main goal of the competition is to support and guide people interested in international relations, international economics, world and regional politics

Requirements for the competition:

  • Confirm your participation by visiting https://www.unectf.org/helios/ , selecting one or both of the indicated topics and registering for the competition by June 15, 2023 at 18:00 Baku time
  • Working languages ​​of the competition: Azerbaijani, Russian or English.

The topics of the competition are as follows:

  1. Energy resources of the Caspian basin and geopolitical interests of global and regional actors.
  2. Geopolitical aspects of Azerbaijan’s relations with Turkic-speaking countries in the fields of energy and transport.
  3. Modern geopolitical challenges and national interests of Azerbaijan.
  4. “Soft power” potential of Azerbaijan in the international arena.
  5. Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and possible effects on the security of the South Caucasus.
  6. Conflicts in the South Caucasus and the reasons for the interests of great powers.
  7. Security problems of the South Caucasus: risks and prospects.
  8. Media as a tool of influence in modern diplomacy.
  9. Azerbaijan-Turkey strategic cooperation as a stabilizing factor in the South Caucasus.
  10. Global environmental policy and new standards of consumption (in the context of the Davos Forum).
  11. The perspective of the 3+3 cooperation platform and possible geopolitical effects in the South Caucasus region.

General requirements for the articles:

  1. The article can be submitted in Azerbaijani, Russian or English.
  2. Plagiarism check will be applied to all the articles.
  3. The article should be written in Times New Roman – 12 font, interval 1.5. Article, should be no less than 2000 and no more than 2500 characters (without illustrations and tables).

Structure of the article:

Article name, author’s name and surname

  1. Introduction
  2. Main part
  3. Conclusion\recommendations
  4. Sources\References

Requirements for presented work:

  • Innovative approach
  • Use of analytical thinking
  • Mentioning of specific facts and statistics (If the topic requires)
  • Originality and exclusivity (Only articles that have never been published before are acceptable)
  • Usage of practical recommendations is welcomed
  • Usage of references an mentioning the sources

Registration for the “HELIOS“ competition

Your topic in “Helios” competition (You are allowed to choose two)

Contact: Elchin Sardarov E-mail: [email protected] Mob. (050) 829 55 58