UNEC Research Foundation: Trainings on Strategic Communication and Crisis Management

The UNEC Research Foundation has conducted another training session for government agencies. Considering the intensity of work and the specific nature of the activities of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a training on the topic of “Strategic Communication and Crisis Management” was held for the leading experts and heads of divisions of the Agency with the aim of enhancing the necessary skills for improving their performance.

The training, led by the head of the Foundation’s department, Ellada Aliyeva, focuses on essential knowledge and skills in the fields of public and strategic communication, the development of relationships with focus groups, the fundamental principles of structured communication, digitalization, crisis communication, as well as interaction with the media and the determination of priority directions.

Given that the continuous updating of templates and scenarios is of particular importance in crisis situations, especially in the context of priority and high-risk activities such as mine action, the UNEC Research Foundation is committed to regularly conducting such trainings. As a result of the trainings conducted by the Foundation in the past, an increase in the efficiency of internal and external communication within government structures has been observed.